Noise Control all the Way To ZERO


Noise problems solved

ZEROSOUND is a two-part system of software and hardware. It efficiently and effectively alters inbound sound waves to any desired outcome, in real-time. 

Unlike traditional noise abatement or noise cancellation methods, ZEROSOUND can be used in tiny spaces like smart headphones or in very large areas like lengthy traffic noise barriers - and everything in between.

ZEROSOUND is US patents pending. 

ZEROSOUND is licensed by market, globally.

Noise is a problem

When sound waves are annoying or a health issue, they become problems. Noise is all around us, from roads and highways to lawn mowers and noisy neighbours where we live, to nearby construction sites and even inside airplanes.

We took a different approach

Use ZEROSOUND technology on both grade level and above ground traffic noise barriers; on your home's screened doors and windows; and inside an airplane cabin to reduce engine and vibration noise for passengers. 

ZEROSOUND delivers superior performance in noise cancellation "smart headphones" and in hearing aids.

ZEROSOUND is cost effective

ZEROSOUND technology needs minimum power and support. Products and systems can be easily designed and made for any noise control need.

ZEROSOUND provides customizable noise control in real-time all the way to zero. It has superior performance to other noise abatement and active noise cancellation systems.

ZEROSOUND is licensed by market sector, globally.

Market sectors:

  • Traffic noise abatement and control
  • Noise cancellation smart headphones
  • Noise control screens for doors & windows
  • Interior acoustic echo & reverb abatement and control 
  • Interior automobile and aircraft noise control 

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