Noise Control all the Way To ZERO


Noise problems solved

ZEROSOUND is a two-part system of software and hardware. It efficiently and effectively alters inbound sound waves to any desired outcome, 

in real-time and continously. 

Unlike traditional noise abatement or noise cancellation methods, ZEROSOUND can be used in tiny spaces like smart headphones or in very large areas like lengthy traffic noise barriers - and every noisy place in between.

ZEROSOUND is US Patents Pending. 

Noise is a problem

When sound waves are annoying or a health issue, they become problems. Noise is all around us, from planes and highways to lawn mowers and noisy neighbours where we live, to a nearby construction site, air conditioners and commercial operations.

We took a different approach

We invented a way to cancel problem noise levels impacting us where we live and work. With ZEROSOUND, sound waves are cancelled out on impact, in real time, continuosly. 

                Make your personal space quiet!


ZEROSOUND is completely scalable in size, from mass area noise cancellation (traffic noise barriers) to nearly atomic level (hearing aids), and everything in-between. It is infinitely controllable to any desired level of noise reduction. It can be pre-fabricated, is comparatively lightweight, flexible to meet virtually any design needs and very cost efficient.  

ZEROSOUND is Patents Pending. There are many uses including:

  • Traffic noise barriers
  • Noise control screens for doors & windows
  • Portable noise curtains
  • Interior space acoustic echo & reverb abatement and control
  • Hearing protection
  • Smart noise cancellation headphones
  • Equipment noise shrouds

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