Sound Control all the Way To ZERO

Noise problems solved: New US patents pending invention!

Noise is a problem

When sound waves are annoying or a health issue, they become problems. Noise is all around us, from roads and highways to lawn mowers in our neighbourhoods, nearby construction sites and even inside jet airplanes.

We took a different approach

This enables ZEROSOUND's use in many areas that are not possible with other traditional methods. For example: on both grade level and above ground roadways; on screened doors and windows; and inside an airplane. ZEROSOUND can also be used for superior performance in noise cancellation headphones and hearing aids.

Low cost is an important part of ZEROSOUND

We won't tell you how it works just yet. But we can say that products and systems can be easily designed and made using ZEROSOUND. It provides customizable sound control all the way to zero, effective noise cancellation and active noise cancellation.

ZEROSOUND is available as strategic licenses, globally.

ZEROSOUND is US patent pending.

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